About Hamco Games

I'm Eathams, the founder of Hamco Games. I love turning my new, creative ideas into a reality. I've had a passion for game development for my whole life. I am self-taught over years of learning how to hone my abilities and optimize everything I produce. Currently, I'm very familiar with how to use Game Maker Studio 2 and I'm in the process of learning Unity to expand my knowledge to more commonly-used engines. My goal is to create really fun games that are free/cheap so that they're accessible to everyone. Because of this, I make it a point to never include in-app purchases in my games. What matters most to me is that I can produce a quality experience that lots of people are able to enjoy to its fullest.

Currently, my only publicly-released game is Backfire, but as I learn more things about game development, I'm very interested in making loads of games on all different types of platforms - from mobile, to PC, to Nintendo Switch.

If you've played Backfire, and you'd like to help me out in the maintenance of that game or the development of future games, consider donating on my itch.io page. If you didn’t like it and want to let me know why, please do! Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and inspired me to make my dream a reality.

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Or email us at contact@hamcogames.com

How to Download

Our games can be found on itch.io and Steam. They can be downloaded on any Windows computer. Check out the links below to purchase & download our newest release, Backfire!

Download from itch.io Download from Steam